Support Sri Lanka workers' basic necessities for the new school year

Last week nearly 1000 Sri Lanka garment workers producing shirts for the US market were told they would not receive their festival and end-of-the-year bonus.

The owner is Esquel, a Hong Kong base company, says that because of that the worsening china-US trade situation buyers are leaving. The workers are already in a desperate financial situation given the many weeks where they received only a part of their income due to COVID-19.

On top of that, the virus is now spreading in Sri Lanka, especially in garment producing areas, and workers with children have been told to buy digital education tools (smartphones) for their children as the schools are closing.

“More than 4600 workers are working at Esquel factories in Sri Lanka, the (annual) bonus is part of the collective agreement between workers and the employer, and has been a standard practice for 40 years” Said Mangala, a worker leader at the factory.

The union has started a fundraising campaign to help the workers keep their children in school, and is asking for your help. For the over 700 workers with children school around 9000 USD is needed.

“We receive basic salary during the COVID-19, and cannot work overtime to make ends meet. I have lost my husband and I support three children alone. I need the bonus for school items,” another worker said.

We are reaching out to the buyers and the owner to ensure the workers receive what they are owed, but please donate now  to support them in buying the educational material they need, and can't afford.

All proceeds will go 100% to the workers, via their union.