CCC calls for action after another deadly collapse

Clean Clothes Campaign is calling for immediate action from all international brands following today's collapse of the Wing Star Shoes factory in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The collapse of the ceiling cost the lives of at least two people, and injured seven. The workers were stitching sneakers for sportsbrand Asics when the ceiling caved in on top of them.

Tola Moeun from the Community Legal Education Center in Cambodia: 'These worker deaths shed crude light again on the global crisis in health and safety in the global garment industry. It is clearer than ever that workers in Cambodia and globally, and not only in Bangladesh, are in fear of their lives when they go to work, due to poor fire safety and dangerous building construction. The industry needs to change the way they do business before more people die.'

This accident comes about three weeks after the building collapse in Bangladesh killed 1,127 people in the global garment industry's deadliest disaster, probing more than 30 brands to sign the Bangladesh Safety Accord. The garment industry is Cambodia's biggest export earner, employing about 500,000 people in more than 500 garment and shoe factories. In 2012, the southeast Asian country shipped more than $4 billion worth of products to the United States and Europe.

CCC calls on Asics and all brands sourcing form the Wing Star Shoes factory to immediately ensure compensation for the families of the deceased and the injured. To prevent further tragedies and ensure worker safety, it is crucial that brands directly engage with unions and labour groups and ensure sustainable health and safety measures. Brands cannot let tragedies such as Rana Plaza happen again.

CCC, together with unions and labour groups all over the world, will continue to put pressure on brands until it is possible to enter any store without fear of buying clothes made at the expense of workers.