Members of the Asia Floor Wage Alliance

The Asia Floor Wage Alliance is a growing alliance of Trade Unions and labour rights activists, some of our members are listed below.

Last updated: December, 2017


  • Action Aid-Bangladesh
  • SBGKSF (Shadhin Bangla Garments Sramik-Karamchari Federation)
  • NGWF (National Garment Workers’ Federation)
  • Karmojibi Nari
  • BIGUF (Bangladesh Independent Garment Workers Union Federation)
  • BCWS (Bangladesh Centre for Workers’ Solidarity)
  • BGIWF (Bangladesh Garment & Industrial Workers Federation)
  • Bangladesh Garments Sromik Joat
  • Bangladesh Institute for Development Studies
  • Bangladesh Institute for Labour Studies
  • Bangladesh Labour Federation (BLF)
  • Jago Bangladesh Garments Sermik Federation
  • Bangladesh Textiles & Garments Industries Workers League
  • Garment Workers Trade Union Center
  • Bangladesh Trade Union Center
  • Textiles Garments Workers Federation
  • National Garments Darjee Sermik Karmachari Kendra
  • Bangladesh Jatiatabadi Garments Sromik Dal
  • Bangladesh Poshak Shilpa Sromik Federation
  • Bangladesh National Garments Sermik Karmachari League
  • Bangladesh Garments Sromik Songhati
  • Garments Sromik Mukta Andalon
  • Shamanita Garment Sromik Federation
  • Bangledesh Nari Pragati Samiti (BNPS)
  • National Democratic Labour Federation


  • AchAct
  • CNCD – 11.11.11


  • Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers' Democratic Union (CCAWDU)
  • Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions (CATU)
  • Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights (CENTRAL)


  • MSN (Maquila Solidarity Network)

Hong Kong   

  • HKCTU (Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions)
  • Globalisation Monitor
  • SACOM (Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior)


  • HMS (Hind Mazdoor Sabha)
  • INTUC (Indian National Trade Union Congress)
  • NTUI (New Trade Union Initiative)
  • KGWU (Karnataka Garment Workers Union)
  • GLU (Garment Labourers Union)
  • Mill Mazdoor Panchayat
  • GAWU (Garment and Allied Workers Union)
  • SLD (Society for Labour and Development)
  • Fedina
  • SAVE
  • Cividep


  • National Union of Workers (SPN)
  • TURC (Trade Union Rights Centre)
  • Federation of Independent Trade Unions (GSBI)
  • LIPS Sedane
  • FSBI
  • SBSI-92


  • PSWS (Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor)
  • CAW (Committee for Asian Women)


  • APTUF (All Pakistan Trade Union Federation)
  • Pakistan Institute for Labour Education & Research (PILER)
  • LEF (Labour Education Foundation)
  • NTUF

Sri Lanka

  • ALaRM network members
  • JSS (Jathika Seavaka Sangamaya)
  • Dabindu Collective
  • National Free Trade Union
  • Red Flag Union


  • CCC (Clean Clothes Campaign)
  • CCC networks
  • Labour Behind the Label
  • Action Aid-UK
  • War on Want


  • JwJ (Jobs with Justice)
  • NGA (National Guestworker Alliance)
  • USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops)
  • IPS (Institute for Policy Studies)
  • International Labour Rights Federation (ILRF)