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We are proud to be able to play an independent role which campaigning for worker rights, and therefore will not accept financial support from any garment brand or retailer. However, we very gladly accept donations, small or large, from individuals or groups around the world. We are honoured that so many of you have given us a one-time or even recurring donation. You are making a difference!


Thank you!

Thank you for supporting our work. If you would prefer, you can also transfer a donation directly to:

NL95 TRIO 0197 7781 27
BIC/Swift number: TRIONL2U  Wani thanks you for supporting the Jaba Garmindo campaign.

Stichting Schone Kleren Campagne/Clean Clothes Campaign. 

How your gift supports garment workers

Soon after the Corona virus crisis hit most countries in the world, it became clear that many brands and retailers were cancelling billions in orders, offloading the risks of the crisis to the most vulnerable people in their supply chains. The CCC soon started campaigning to urge brands to pay for their orders in full. Thanks to the support of people like you, the #PayUp campaign has been incredibly successful. 

Initial order cancellations represented an estimated $40 billion USD in losses, but after months of relentless campaigning, the restoration of orders from brands under pressure from the campaign has led to over $22 billion USD in orders to be reinstated - more than half the initial amount. 

So far, over half of the brands identified as having cancelled orders in the first place have been held accountable and we will continue to call on brands to #PayUp. We have also launched a longer-term initiative to ensure workers are paid their legally owed wages during the pandemic and are calling upon brands and retailers to take this next step to ensure that the price of the crisis is not paid by those who can least afford it. 

These campaigns are possible thanks to our amazing supporters. 

Our work

Establishing a living wage is of vital importance in the garment industry. Poverty wages can be found from Asia to Eastern Europe, with major brands admitting that 0% of their workers earn a living wage.

Union busting is rampant in garment production. We want to enforce international standards that ensure brands respect all labour rights and commit to necessary remedies when violations occur.

We hold brands and suppliers accountable for the working conditions in their supply chains. Thousands have died in factory fires and collapses, whilst other dangers, like the use of hazardous chemicals, lurk unnoticed.

We want garment workers to have proper contracts and job security. Uncontracted labour is common and vulnerable groups are even more at risk, as are workers in special ‘Free Trade Zones’ or the informal sector.


Clean Clothes Campaign is recognised as a Public Benefit Organisation by the Dutch Tax Administration (ANBI). This means you can deduct your donations from your Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

Clean Clothes Campaign has an equivalency determination certification with NGOsource, and is therefore the equivalent of a U.S. public charity under the IRS' ED standards. Our existing legal analysis and ED certificate are available to US grantmakers upon request.