We'll make sure to make your donation count in the fight for garment workers' rights!

Clean Clothes Campaign is a global alliance dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. We are a very low-overhead organisation, and can guarantee you that your support will be used as efficiently as possible.

We are proud of our independent role, and therefore will not accept financial support from any garment brand or retailer.

However, we very gladly accept donations, however small or big, from individuals or groups around the world. We are honoured that so many of you have given us a one-time or even recurring donation. You are making a difference!

For the moment, we can only use PayPal for international donations. We're working on getting more currencies and payment methods in place.

As currency conversions take away a percentage of the support you give, we are running two "Donate" buttons here. We'd much rather use 100% of the financial support you give on the struggle than on banking fees...

We take your privacy very serious as well, and will never share your data with anybody else.

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As we are based in the Netherlands, we only have a tax-exempt status there (ANBI), and can only give out tax-deductible receipts for those who have to pay their taxes there.